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The Bay State Reading Institute partners with 52 schools

in 13 Massachusetts districts, including some of the state's highest poverty Gateway cities. This broad reach helps clear the path to higher achievement for more than 22,000 students, over 60% of whom qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

For example, through partnership with BSRI, Revere elementary schools have seen significant improvements in their accountability levels:

  • Level 1 schools are the highest performing schools in MA
  • Level 3 schools are in the lowest performing 20%, with the worst performing 5% of schools classified as Level 4 or 5
  • The percent of Level 3 BSRI schools fell by 50%; there was no change in the comparable statewide percentage

BSRI supports school leaders and teachers who are passionate about providing engaging, motivating, and rigorous learning experiences

for all children. As a trusted partner, BSRI helps change the way schools analyze data, deliver small group instruction, and promote collaborative learning.


In the BSRI network:


  • Are confident, self-directed, and collaborative learners
  • Feel safe and supported to take risks in their learning
  • Ask questions, value evidence, and continually develop content knowledge
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively in speaking and writing, while adapting their communication to their audience, task and purpose
  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them


  • Infuse student interactions with a growth mindset 
  • Provide flexible, timely intervention and enrichment in the regular classroom
  • Believe in the student’s capacity for rigorous learning and know what that looks like
  • Effectively differentiate instruction
  • Work collaboratively to make sure every child thrives


  • Are strong educational leaders
  • Work in a productive and respectful team with their instructional coaches
  • Spend time in classrooms to develop a keen sense of instructional rigor in each classroom
  • Cultivate collaborative work environments for all faculty
  • Lead data meetings and regularly review student assessment data


  • Demonstrate a school-wide collaborative and growth mindset culture
  • Use data to drive instruction
  • Hold high expectations for student performance
  • Make steady improvement on Accountability measures 
  • Are vibrant centers of learning and growth for both the students and adults

Partnership with BSRI Includes

Literacy and Math Consulting

Literacy and math experts support school coaches and teachers onsite through modeling lessons, classroom walkthroughs, data analysis, and more.

Principal Coaching

Our school leadership coaches help principals develop their own expertise, a deep understanding of pedagogy and data, and a management style that effectively supports teachers to enhance their instruction. 

Professional Development Workshops

BSRI brings nationally known experts to present to our network of schools. Our professional development seminars are tailored to the needs of our partner schools to provide PD in the pedagogical approaches that have enabled our partner schools to achieve remarkable results

(Click here for our Professional Development Calendar.)

Data Analysis

We support schools in implementing an assessment strategy and data meeting protocols which maximize the usefulness of student data while minimizing the disruption to instructional time Through the process we ensure that principals, coaches and teachers develop their own competency in data analysis.

Instructional Rounds

We facilitate instructional rounds with debriefing conversations in your district for principals, coaches and teachers. 

Strategic Planning  

Working with your staff, we collaboratively identify best practices in leadership, assessment, and instruction, how well the school performs in each area, and make targeted plans for growth. 

BSRI Video Library

Bay State Reading Institute has been collecting and documenting the best practices of our partner schools.


Exemplary Classrooms

Teachers and Principals Talk about their BSRI Experience


BSRI High Implementing Schools vs. Statewide Average, 2012-20144


BSRI's greatest strength is its performance with low-income and LEP students.

Across the board, from literacy to math, students are developing critical thinking skills.




Over the past 4 years, the number of BSRI elementary schools at Level 1 tripled (13% to 36%).

In MA schools with similar enrollment levels of low-income students, the number of Level 1 schools declined from 22% down to 19%.

From 2014-2016, schools that partnered with BSRI were more than twice as likely to rise a level.

38,2% of BSRI elementary schools which could rise a level of accountability did, compared to 16.8% of MA elementary schools serving a similar economic population. The number of BSRI schools at Level 3 was cut in half.