The Bay State Reading Institute assists elementary schools achieve literacy-centered, data-driven, whole school reform. To accomplish this transformation, BSRI joins in long-term partnerships with elementary schools and helps them to improve or change what matters.

BSRI partners with schools with percentages of low-income, minority, and limited English students well above the state average. Helping students in these schools perform at high levels requires major changes in all aspects of the school — how the day is organized, using small-group instruction and differentiation to address each student at her own level, how extra help is delivered to struggling readers, the use of data to drive instruction, and principal leadership.

BSRI provides each school with a robust partnership that lasts a number of years and which centers on extensive in-school coaching for the schools’ teachers and leadership team.

This in-depth assistance has led to major changes in instruction in BSRI partner schools and consistent, year-by-year gains in student reading fluency and to major gains in student scores on the MCAS exams.